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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo with the latest at this hour. protests against the united states have spread across the muslim world since the release of a film accused of insulting the prophet muhammad. hundreds of people took to the streets again after friday prayers. indonesia has the world's
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largest muslim population. people gathered in front of the u.s. embassy in jakarta. the rally ended after two hours without any major incident. anti-american rallies were also held in pakistan. demonstrations took place in islamabad and karachi. public anger against the united states is already strong in pakistan when u.s. air strikes regularly caused civilian casualties. in egypt, several hundred demonstrators clashed with security forces near the u.s. embassy in cairo. police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. >> authorities remain on alert in case of more demonstrations.
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eurozone finance ministers have failed to decide on conditions providing for national supporter spain and other countries struggling under heavy debt in the single currency block. the ministers of the 17 member nations gathered in the capital to discuss terms for buying the government bonds of countries using the eurozone's bailout fund. but they put off making a decision as they had not asked for a bailout. spanish officials are reportedly considering asked for more financial support. but to take the tougher austerity measures would be a condition. also discussed the greek government's plan to increase belt tightening. u.s. navy commanders want to gather intelligence so they are
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deploying more aircraft in u.s. bases in japan. u.s. navy pilots have been flying the p-3-c aircraft for years. officials told nhk the new p-8 is better at detecting must be is -- submarines. they say they'll base it in the northern prefecture in the southern prekpukture of okinawa. u.s. navy commanders are also planning to employ their newest unmanned reconnaissance plane. they'll start flying the triten in 2016. an agreement to try to resolve problems between their countries. japan's top government
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spokesperson says leaders want to hold talks with the north koreans soon. he says they want to make progress on the most important issue, north korea's abductions of japanese citizens. chief cabinet secretary success high ranking japanese officials are trying to arrange a meeting with their counterparts. he said they want to hold talks in beijing as soon as possible. >> translator: we want to have in-depth discussions. especially about the abductions. that's the most important issue for japan. >> then-japanese prime minister and north korean leader kim jong-il signed the declaration in 2002. they agreed to try to resolve the abduction issue and try to resolve security issues such as north korea's development of nuclear missiles and technology. japanese leaders see the
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declaration as politically significant and are committed to settling all the issues. >> the civil war in syria is starting to affect people in the golan heights. israel has occupied the region since 1967. syria residents of the golan heights were united in their support for the government of president bashar al assad. >> reporter: arabs living in golan heights are determined to keep their identity as syrians under the israeli occupation. they refuse to adopt israeli nationality. many hope that assad's government will win back control of golan heights from israel. hadin is a firm supporter of assad. he blames other countries for
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the fighting in syria. >> translator: what's happening in syria is the result of maneuvering by the united states written in gulf nations. syria was a united nation before they planned the split. >> reporter: a massive rally was held to express solidarity with the assad government. eddin was one of the organizers. he repeated his call for strong support for the government. >> translator: so many people are gathered here today. all of you are rallying behind assad. >> reporter: but a rift is emerging among the residents of golan heights. a silent protest was held
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against president assad. the participants are holding up blank signs. the message is stop the blood shed. as the civil war intensifies, more people are saying publicly that they can no longer support assad. and drew the arabic world freedom arranging candles. this man used to support assad. but he now thinks the government is disgracing his homeland with blood. >> translator: we must topple the assad regime. as crimes by the regime have come to light, the anti-assad movement is becoming unstoppable in the golan heights as well. >> reporter: but expressing opposition can create friction. assad supporters began harassing
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amasha. stones were thrown at his house. he was hit by a car and has serious lower back injuries. the driver was an assad supporter. he insists it was just an accident. but amasha thinks it was a retaliation for his opposition to assad. >> translator: we must do whatever we can to avoid killing each other. the israeli occupation alone is more than enough suffering to endure. >> reporter: the syrian conflict is gradually spilling over to the golan heights. the civil war is beginning to erode unity that developed under the israel occupation. nhk world, golan heights. here's the three-day world weather forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
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